Chelsea would have contacted Luis Campos to recruit him!

Paris Saint-Germain has opted for a major renewal of its project this summer, in particular with the arrival of Luis Campos as football adviser to replace sporting director Leonardo. A decision that seems to pay off after an almost complete transfer window (it seems to be missing a central defender) when he had little time and with a successful start to the season. According to The Times, Chelsea, in full reconstruction, would have the same idea for this winter. Todd Boehly, owner of the English club, would have even already contacted the Portuguese whom he would like to place as sporting director of the Blues.

We obviously remain cautious about what is only a rumor for the moment. Chelsea are in the midst of change after turbulent months, this is an opportunity for the media to launch various claims. Especially since the management can consider different avenues to try to find the best possible solution. Campos has a certain reputation and has been mentioned. It’s also a bit simple to place it in a rumor.

It’s far too vague for certainties. We can grant the newspaper that Campos does not have an exclusive place at PSG, so he officially remained an external adviser to Celta Vigo. But this with the idea that there was no conflict between the projects of the two clubs. It would be more difficult with Chelsea. Football can surprise, so the rumor is not totally to be dismissed. However, you should be very careful about it.

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