Cinema under the stars for the pleasure of film lovers

For its new cultural season 2022-2023 under the theme “Art and territory”, the Institut français has decided to go beyond its framework in search of the public of cinema in the public space. Indeed, he proposed to moviegoers to extend the summer and enjoy the sweetness of the nights under the moon of the economic capital of Morocco with three national and international screenings without reservation and free entry in partnership with the Park Casa Anfa.

The selection for these three evenings is eclectic and sharp: on September 15, the Institute presented the film “Les 3M, Histoire inachevée”, directed by Saad Chraïbi, and other French films, in particular “Peau d’âne”, “The Big Bad Fox” and other tales which have been subtitled in the Moroccan dialect “Darija”. On September 15 at 8:30 p.m., Cinema lovers gathered at the weekend to start their cinema evening with the film “Les 3M, Histoire inachevée”.

Before starting the movie night, the technical staff gallop putting the last touches before the kick-off, everything is ready for an open air projection. The cliques of friends and families sit squarely on the green grass or use the chairs of the Park to fully enjoy the evening and a pleasant atmosphere invades the place. The atmosphere is not lacking! Sometimes laughter, tears and applause, the public did not stop expressing their pleasure.

According to the director of the French Institute, Gaëtan Pellan, 600 people attended the first evening of the event. In reaction to the first open cinema evening, the opinion of film lovers present on the spot promises to be positive, but for them, it is important to generalize such activities in the rest of the cities of the Kingdom. “We are happy to attend such evenings in Casablanca, it allowed us to relieve ourselves of daily stress”, indicated a young girl at the end of the evening, adding “on the other hand, we need such events in the small cities, almost empty of cultural activities”.

For his part, a young person indicated that “beyond the pleasure of attending this event, the film screened on the opening night is in him an opportunity to think about certain social and societal issues, and also an opportunity to back to our story.

Speaking about the choice of the opening film, the director of the French Institute indicated that “the idea is to pay homage to Moroccan cinema and the history of Casablanca”, continuing that “it is for that’s why we chose this film, because it is full of hope and tolerance”.

For his part, Saad Chraïbi, present during the first evening, was delighted with the screening of his film “Les 3M, Histoire inachevée”, projected in the open air, especially since he had the bad luck, according to him, of come out at the beginning of 2020, two weeks before the Covid-19 in Morocco. A production among others which suffered the collateral damage of Covid-19 with the closing of cinemas.

The applause of the public marked, on September 17, the end of the cinema trip under the stars organized by the French Institute in Casablanca. Lovers of art, cinema and theater in particular should find themselves in the coming days with a rich artistic program to discover.


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