Club World Cup emblem unveiled – Today Morocco

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The emblem of the Club World Cup, scheduled from February 1 to 11 in Morocco, has been unveiled, the International Football Federation (FIFA) announced on Thursday.

“The official emblem of the FIFA Club World Cup (Morocco 2022) has been unveiled on the eve of the draw for the event, which will take place this Friday”, writes the governing body of world football on its official website. “The official emblem of this competition, which returns to Morocco for the first time since 2014, symbolizes the prestige inherent in the highest level of world club football.

It is inspired by the sparkling trophy held up each year by the world champion club,” the same source continues, adding that the golden pedestal symbolizes the unshakable foundations of football, while the curved navy blue stripes reflect the pillars of the trophy, which evoke the different continents represented. This structure carries a golden ball, the embodiment of the glory that awaits the winners of the Club World Cup, notes FIFA.

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