cold reunion between Ronaldo and Fernandes, Portugal defuses the bomb

THE SPORT SCAN – Cristiano Ronaldo is talking about him again, after the broadcast of images of his arrival in the selection. Portugal tries to calm things down.

Since a few days and his “explosive” interview, Cristiano Ronaldo is more than ever at the center of all attention. Every word, every statement, every image speaks.

On social networks, the Manchester United striker is still talking, with a video that quickly went viral. We see “CR7” coldly shaking hands with his compatriot and teammate at Manchester United, Bruno Fernandes.

After the virality of these images, Portugal tries to calm the situation. “I was there and saw it all, it was a funny moment that was misinterpreted on the outsideJoao Mario said laughingly at a press conference in Lisbon on Tuesday.

It was a joke between them because Bruno (Fernandes) was late, one of the last to arrive, and Cristiano (Ronaldo) asked him if he had come by boat, iBenfica midfielder insists. I understand that the images can be interpreted in many ways, but it was a joke between them. They have a great relationship because they play together, I saw them all day yesterday. There is no problem between them.»


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