Compensation: Emissions up 157% at the end of October

The compensation bill explodes. At the end of last October, emissions for compensation expenses reached 28.3 billion dirhams, thus marking an increase of 157.3% year-on-year, according to the General Treasury of the Kingdom (TGR). These issues represent an achievement rate of 85.7% of the total provided for by the 2022 Finance Law (28.31 billion DH), specifies the TGR in its monthly public finance statistics bulletin (BMSFP) for the month of October. .

As for the operating expenses issued, they amount to 217 billion DH, of which 122.2 billion DH concerned salaries and wages which recorded an increase of 3.7%. Material expenditure, for its part, increased by 12.1% (48.5 billion DH against 43.2 billion DH) and expenditure on common charges increased by 94.1% (37.3 billion DH against 19.2 billion DH) due to the 157.3% increase in offset emissions. The share of the general budget in reimbursements, reliefs and tax refunds increased by 42% due to the increase in reimbursements of VAT within the country (8.141 billion DH against 5.650 billion DH).


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