completely turned upside down by Aivan’s performance in The Voice Kids, internet users are asking for more!

This Saturday, September 17, Aivan shocked everyone during the first evening of battles in The Voice Kids. Captivated by the performance of the candidate and his two comrades, Internet users are asking for more!

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The battles of The Voice Kids are open! This Saturday, September 17, TF1 broadcast a new issue of tele-hook dedicated to children. In this phase of the competition, the talents share the stage in threes. Each coach offers a song adapted to his talents. Apprentice singers outdo themselves in their performance. In the end, only one member of the one-night trio is kept on his mentor’s team. But very often, deciding between gifted children is very difficult for the judges, like Patrick Fiori.

An upset coach

The interpreter of 4 words on a piano gave an appointment to his three foals around a keyboard to reveal to them the name of the title that they were going to have to defend. jules, Aivan and tom each learned a part of Whetherthe single from Zaz. Once the distribution of verses and choruses was made (depending on the tessitura of the three boys), they therefore performed in front of the public and other jurors. At the end of a performance suspended in time, the trio received the congratulations of Julien Dore, Kendji Girac and Louane. When deciding, Patrick Fiori was particularly moved. “Too many emotions like that all at once… Finally, when the heart is overwhelmed like that, we can just drown in tears, emotions and happiness. And you drowned me in it“said the 52-year-old singer.

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A child prodigy

As the rule requires, only a candidate can be saved. Patrick Fiori therefore had to deliver his verdict. After praising the precision of the notes and the strength of interpretation of his three students, the coach reassured Aivan by saying: “I feel like you’re crying from here. You know what, me too, I cry a little, so we will try to shed tears of happiness because we will continue the adventure together“. A decision that Internet users totally approved! This Saturday evening, many were the comments praising “the angelic voice” or of “Disney movie” of Aivan and his two comrades. Obviously, this year again, the level of singing flies (very) high!

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