Concerns about the modularity of the future Mac Pro

This is the last Mac not to have yet switched to Apple Silicon architecture: the Mac Pro should undergo a major update in spring even if its design could stay the same. On the program, there would be the future M2 Ultra chip which would carry 48 CPU cores and 152 GPU cores, another more muscular model combining two M2 Ultra chips having apparently been abandoned for now.

The M2 Ultra chip can fit very well in Mac Studio, the next Mac Pro would be distinguished by other advantages. Its cooling system should obviously be more efficient, but above all we expect a certain level of modularity from this tower. However, this is not really the strong point of Macs under Apple Silicon and the journalist Mark Gurman, often well informed, does not show not particularly optimistic on the subject.

Mac Pro Intel 2019

The Intel-powered Mac Pro of 2019

The Bloomberg Reporter says today that there’s a good chance it wouldn’t be possible to add a graphics card (by the way, third-party GPUs aren’t supported on Apple Silicon Macs), nor would it be possible to add a graphics card. add RAM. Apart from possible expansion ports, storage would therefore be the main parameter on which it would be possible to play. And that would be very thin…

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