Confidences too intimate (C8) – Sandrine Bonnaire, Fabrice Luchini: “We each had an erroneous image of the other”

The art of quid pro quo

William Faber, a tight-fisted tax adviser, feels his wings grow when the disturbing Anna pushes open the door of his office by mistake, which she confuses with the office of the psychoanalyst, his next door neighbor. And to let her lie down and reveal her most intimate thoughts, until she fell madly. Why break the troubled charm of this failed act, oh so successful?

Luchini-Bonnaire: unexpected tandem

Like that of their characters, their meeting is a divine surprise. “ We each had a mistaken image of the other “, confessed Sandrine Bonnaire, who feared being crushed by her partner, whose shyness moved her. Fabrice Luchini, he was anxious at the idea that she was “headache”: ” She’s playful, when I thought she was more serious. Their duet sparks.

Leconte is good

Not one to throw flowers at each other, Patrice Leconte rightly believes that he did a good job by signing ” a sentimental thriller with a little Hitchcockian side “. Luchini shares his enthusiasm, but prefers a tricolor reference: “ This film by Leconte is a great Sautet! ” And Bonnaire to add: ” It’s true, we made a beautiful film. »

Confidences too intimateSunday November 13 at 9:10 p.m. on C8



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