connection problems for the new Siri Remote

A number of users of the Apple TV 4K of 2022 released in October 2022 complains of a communication problem between the case and the new Siri Remote, which differs from the old one by the adoption of a USB-C charging port instead of the Lightning connector. It is MacRumors who gleaned testimonies on its forums and Reddit with multiple messages from users reporting untimely loss of Bluetooth connection.

When the Siri Remote loses its connection, the iPhone Remote app continues to work just like the TV remote via HDMI-CEC: there is a communication glitch with the Apple remote, and not just a bug in the recognition of commands by tvOS.

Apple TV 4K 2022

For now, it is not known if the bug is hardware or software. In any case, there are two solutions to fix it if you encounter it: you must either restart the remote control (press the TV button and the volume down button simultaneously for five seconds) or re-pair it (press the Back button simultaneously and the volume up button for five seconds while aiming very closely at the Apple TV – less than 8 centimeters), or unplug the Apple TV then restart the box to force the connection to be restored.

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