Conquering audio-digital in Morocco

KA.IO.KWA is the 100% Moroccan solution for streaming radio content. It has become the center of interest for radio stations, with media buying in local currency for advertisers. With the aim of revolutionizing audio-digital advertising and asserting itself internationally, it conforms to the global trend.

The term audio-digital refers to radio listening from the Internet, podcasts and other broadcasts of content or music made exclusively in audio form, through a digital broadcast channel. This revolution is naturally accompanied by a change in the listener towards an increasingly connected profile.

Another content monetization model, it also makes it possible to target people according to a specific center of interest to personalize messages with the same capabilities as in Internet display. And as a result, create advertising spaces linked to digital audio to market them in the form of programmatic and RTB.

This new technology is the first of its kind in the MEA region (Middle East and Africa, editor’s note). It stands out among the ten global operators in the audio-digital advertising market and continues its journey in terms of innovation and marketing.

Among other things, the concept combines the capabilities of the Internet with those of FM radio, offers an audio spot listened to exclusively through the Internet, and installs advertisements listened to as part of a live audio stream, addressed via an advertising server such as the Display.

This undeniable pioneer has been living its digital revolution for several years, whether it is a question of simple listening to pre-recorded music or radio media. It is inevitably part of consumer habits today, and is deployed in different forms (replay radio, native podcast, music streaming, web radio, etc.) For his part, Houcine Boulman, general manager of KA.IO.KWA, expressed himself on the offer: “Today, we operate the streaming for 7 private radio stations in Morocco, for more than two years.

And in terms of offers, we are quantitatively, on average, on almost 30 million stream openings per month. In fact, stream consumption is strongly correlated to events. On certain covers, in particular sports or relating to national causes, we achieve more than 10% of these openings on a single day, or even a single program”, he indicates. Indeed, this new technology allows radio stations to produce a more efficient, more relevant and more qualitative offer.

Thanks to digital, this major asset places tailor-made advertisements with the impossibility of skipping them, known in the jargon of the field as ”unskippable”. Then, he insisted on the need to develop this concept by explaining: ”Although this channel is gradually being installed, there remains to be done a lot of work of education and conviction in relation to this new media component”.

Furthermore, it is clear that digital radio is open to questions raised by the issue of the media exercise on MREs, as it was used this summer by certain advertisers such as KITEA, the first Moroccan advertiser to use this channel on a Moroccan radio. Finally, audio-digital advertising in Morocco is now positioned as a very efficient advertising device, it is also increasing its commitment and aims to evolve rapidly to assert itself in the advertising market.


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