Could the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 have a screen that folds both ways?

Samsung Display presented a new generation of foldable screen. This slab can bend 360 degrees, compared to 180 degrees currently. Do we have the major innovation of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 in front of us? Possible.


Samsung Display introduced a whole new kind of foldable display. Discreetly unveiled in the aisles of CES at the start of the year, it is now being promoted by the American site The Verge. This screen has a special feature: it bends in all directions.

The smartphone prototype presented by Samsung Display is furiously reminiscent of the Galaxy Z Fold. The latter has a screen that can bend 180 degrees, that is to say, you can open it and lay it flat. The model presented goes further, since that the slab can also twist in the other direction.

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 with a 360 degree foldable screen?

This flexibility is essentially allowed thanks to the new hinge used by Samsung Display. It is in the form of a “drop”, which offers other advantages, including that of eliminating the fold on the surface of the screen. The first rumors about the Galaxy Z Fold 5 evoke the addition of a brand new hinge. From there to say that Samsung would offer a phone with a 360 degree foldable screen, there is only one step. It would sign a small revolution in the range which would drastically modify its format. A first since its debut in 2019. Nothing has been finalized yet, but we can hope for it.

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It remains to be seen how this technology will be used by Samsung if it is eventually included in the Z Fold 5. We know that the manufacturer takes great care in its software part, being aware that a revolutionary technology is nothing if there is no interesting use behind it. It will therefore be necessary to watch carefully for announcements of new folding phones next August.


Before the Z Fold 5, Samsung has to go through another crucial step: the release of the Galaxy S23. These will be presented on 1er next February at an Unpacked event. If we should no longer expect a revolution, these remain important terminals for the manufacturer’s catalog.

Source : The Verge

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