Crazy Six Days In Fallujah Gameplay

Maybe you remember the resumption of development – and the controversy surrounding – Six Days in Fallujah, early 2021? No ? Well it looks like the devs don’t either, because they present us with a really uninviting video, way less than we could discover at the time – which was however already not folichonne. We can see a few seconds of gameplay with other players, and the animations of the soldiers seem to have been made in stop motion at 10 frames per second, which denotes with the rest which seems perfectly fluid.

The video is not long, but for all that, a lot of small details are shocking compared to games like squad, Insurgency: Sandstorm or Ready or Not. To complete the picture, above each teammate, we can see a large banner indicating their name, and the contextual actions are also displayed in a very discreet way in the middle of the screen. What a good way to break up the immersion… In short, for the moment, it looks completely shitty.

Six Days in Fallujah was supposed to be out late last year, but as you may have noticed, it’s not here. And we honestly hope that it’s not for right away, given the magnitude of the job they still have to do. However, you can find it on Steam.

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