Cristiano Ronaldo confirms an offer of 350 million euros

Cristiano Ronaldo has admitted refusing to leave Manchester United, which would have earned him 350 million euros.

Cristiano Ronaldo has asked to leave Manchester United this summer to play in the Champions League, but he hasn’t attracted interest from Europe’s biggest clubs.

However, Ronaldo revealed in his interview with Piers Morgan that he turned down a tempting sum of money from a Saudi Arabia side as he felt happy at United.

“It’s true, yes it’s true,” Ronaldo said. “But what the press keeps saying, garbage, is nobody wants me, which is completely untrue.

“And I was happy here to be honest, I was motivated to have a great season here. But they keep saying nobody wants Cristiano. How can they not want a player who has scored 32 goals last year, with the national team?

“But what they’ve been saying for the past three months is completely lame and wrong. They say they’re offering me this and that, and a lot of presidents and directors are talking about it, they’re rejecting me.

“It’s a complete lie, they’re lying. Because that’s not what happened. I have a lot of clubs, not many, a few clubs they want me to sign and I haven’t gone because I feel good here. That’s the truth.”


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