Cristiano Ronaldo opens medical center for baldness in Milan / England / Manchester United /

C Hair 7.

While his situation in Manchester is similar more and more to a nightmare, Cristiano Ronaldo changes his mind about entrepreneurship with a new, somewhat original business. As reported by the Italian media Calcio and Financethe former Bianconero opened a new center in Milan entirely dedicated to diagnosis, treatment and research on “alopecia” , in other words baldness. An inauguration made by Insparya, a medical and scientific group founded by the Portuguese manager Paulo Ramos and therefore Cristiano Ronaldo.

A total area of ​​1200 square meters, a modern layout with fourteen rooms dedicated to microtransplantation for an investment of nearly two million euros for the Portuguese number 7. “It’s a unique and innovative project, consistent with my philosophy” he explained, before arguing his choice to develop this new business in Milan: “Italy is a country that made me feel at home. Italians are also very image-conscious, they like to take care of themselves and their health, and they don’t hide it. That’s why I think the quality of Insparya will surprise and seduce them. »

Stefano Pioli would have already made an appointment.


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