Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister-in-law accuses Georgina Rodriguez of leaving her broke

Patricia Rodriguez, Georgina’s sister, accuses Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner of not helping her when she is in financial difficulty.

Tensions continue in Cristiano Ronaldo’s family. As the Portuguese international comes to give an interview where he delivers his truths about Manchester United, his partner Georgina Rodriguez is the target of his sister, who denounces the bad relations they have.

Guest of the program “Socialité” of the Spanish television channel Telecinco, Patricia Rodriguez spoke about her precarious economic situation and accuses Georgina of not helping her. “I am broke and my sister does not help me. What hurts me the most is my children, not me. After all, with a piece of bread I can eat hard, but my children, who are her nephews and nieces…”, she declared, in remarks relayed by brand.

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A strained relationship for three years

During this program, Patricia Rodriguez confides that she is disappointed with the behavior of the companion of the Portuguese international. “Georgina, I need help, you are my sister. I know that she has no obligation and responsibility, but, since she is supportive and so good with others, at least that she is with her nephews and nieces.”

The tension between the two sisters goes back to the death of their father, three years before. Patricia “still doesn’t have her father’s ashes” and blames it on Georgina.

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