Cult of the Lamb: ergonomics, accessibility… the details of version 1.1 | XboxOne

Many months after its release, Cult of the Lamb welcomes its version 1.1, bringing features to improve the ergonomics and accessibility of the game. Budding gurus will indeed save time when managing their cult.

A version 1.1 focused on ergonomics and accessibility

Before welcoming its first major update, the title of Massive Monster offers accessibility options to facilitate the gaming experience. Indeed, it is now possible to use options to cook and fish automatically, but also to reassign your keys!

On top of that, managing cults is made easier with the ability to bless, intimidate, and inspire multiple members at once. Before, it was only possible to do this with one animal at a time, which means that the action could very quickly become redundant!

Good news for those who would regret having given a ridiculous name to their cult, it is now possible to modify it in the book defining your Doctrine. You will also find information about your statistics inside.

This patch also brings a variety of balancing and viewable fixes to this address.

If these additions do not necessarily justify diving back into the title, this will not be the case with the first major update that will come. improve fightsbut also bring a new dimension to dungeons and endgame content.

Anyway, you can experience version 1.1 of Cult of the Lamb right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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