Cyberpunk 2077 game attracts millions of players thanks to its series

Rid of its launch problems and benefiting from the synergy with the animated series, CD Projekt RED’s game reconnects with the public.

It was in a tweet that expressed relief, but also sincere thanks, that CD Projekt Red (the Polish studio responsible for Cyberpunk 2077) reported a rather exceptional statistic given the liabilities of their title. “Each day this week, Night City has been visited by more than a million players, between newcomers and returning players”, published the official account of the game, released almost two years ago. This data seems unexpected after the chaotic journey of the futuristic project, which had even been removed from some official online stores. like PlayStation Storeat the heart of the crisis.

PCs also “augmented”

the streaming show of the studio knew how to produce its effect. The arrival of a next extension called Phantom Liberty, combined with the debut of the anime from the universe of Night City, the emblematic city of the game, will have convinced the most skeptical to come back. Above all, the series adaptation by the Japanese studio Trigger will have shown a great complementarity with its video game counterpart, multiplying references while developing its own history. A smart way to play with the cross-media power of a license.

Another advantage, more technical: Cyberpunk 2077 on PC will be rewarded with an Overdrive ray-tracing mode making the city even more beautiful (but only on overpowered machines), thanks to the latest GeForce RTX 40 series cards.

Figures to qualify

There are still a few important points to take into account to put these initially impressive figures into perspective: 1 million is also what the title of CD Projekt RED had in active players on PC at its launch, and on this machine alone . Here, the statistic comes from the entire installed base, consoles and PCs combined. And especially, Cyberpunk 2077 has seen its price drop steadily, offering particularly enticing promotions once the storm of technical issues of its launch is over.

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