Decazeville. Cinema Unipop: “The Perfect Candidate”

New screening of Unipop Histoire with the film “The Perfect Candidate”, on Tuesday November 15, at 6:15 p.m., at La Strada. Maryam is a doctor in the clinic in a small town in Saudi Arabia. When she wants to go to Riyadh to apply for a position as a surgeon in a large hospital, she is refused the right to take the plane. Single, he needs an up-to-date authorization signed by his father, who is unfortunately absent. Revolted by this travel ban, she decides to stand for municipal elections in her city…

A new strong gesture signed by the director of Wadjda who is the spokesperson for Saudi women and is committed, camera in hand, in favor of their rights.

A round table, “Politics: the long march towards equality and parity”, from 4:30 p.m., will precede the screening of the film, with academics Patrice Brun, Emilia Koustova and Bibia Pavard, moderated by Héloïse Kolebka.

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