DeepCool Unveils LS520 SE and LS720SE AIOs

DeepCool unveils a new range of Watercooling AIO through two new products, the LS520 SE and LS720 SE. They arm themselves with an aRGB dress combining aluminum and mirror finish.

The LS520 SE and LS720 SE are two turnkey liquid cooling systems. They feature a mirror-plated top plate, aluminum pump design with vibrant aRGB lighting, 4 pumpth generation and FE120 aRGB fans.

In both cases we have ready-to-use solutions out of the box. The circuit is closed and includes all the elements for its proper functioning. The manufacturer evokes a fourth generation pump taking advantage of an improved arrangement of the micro channels in order to optimize the flow of the liquid. Its three-phase motor is capable of spinning at a maximum of 3100 revolutions per minute while the base of the Waterblock is made of copper. Its design benefits from an “infinite mirror” finish plate accompanied by aRGB while the metallic aluminum pump unit has a smooth finish.

The passage of air is ensured by FE120 fans. PWM it turbines between 500 and 2250 rpm. At full speed it provides an air flow of 85.85 CFM for a station pressure of 3.27 mm H2O. This last value is important since it characterizes the force with which the air is pushed into the radiator. The latter is presented through a dense structure of sinusoidal fins traversed by several liquid circulation channels.

The bundle includes Low Noise Adapter Cables (LSP). They limit the maximum speed to 1600 RPM. The aRGB can be synchronized via a classic 5V aRGB connection. The set supports many sockets including LGA 1700, 1200, 115x from Intel and AM5 and 4 from AMD. The LS520 SE is announced at the recommended retail price of €104.99 against €119.99 for the LS720 SE. In both cases we have a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Watercooling AIO LS520 SE and LS720 SE, characteristics

Socket Intel: LGA1700/1200/1151/1150/1155


Radiator (dimensions) 282×120×27mm 402×120×27mm
Radiator Aluminum
Net weight 1346g 1659g
Pipe length 410mm
Pump – dimensions 85×73×55mm
Pump – speed 3100RPM±10%
Pump – noise pollution 19dB(A)
Fan – dimensions 120×120×25mm
Fan – speed 500-2250RPM±10% (500-1600RPM±10% with LSP)
Fan – air flow 85.85 CFM (60.85 CFM with LSP)
Fan – static pressure 3.27 mmAq (1.65 mmAq with LSP)
Fan – noise pollution 32.9dB(A) (≤28.2dB(A) with LSP)
Fan Bearing Type Hydro Bearing
Pump Lighting Addressable RGB
Lighting Control M/B with 5V ADD-RGB Header
Guarantee 5 Years

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