Dell Technologies Announces Next Generation Dell PowerEdge Servers

Dell Technologies announces the next generation of Dell PowerEdge servers featuring 4th Generation AMD EPYC processors. Featuring the best application performance to date, these new systems are designed to help users more efficiently operate increasingly demanding, compute-centric workloads.

The new PowerEdge servers are equipped with Dell’s Smart Cooling technology, which helps reduce CO2 emissions, and an integrated cyber-resilient architecture that helps strengthen the security measures put in place by customers.

“With up to twice the performance of the previous generation, combined with the latest power and cooling innovations, our latest PowerEdge servers are designed to meet our customers’ increasing demands for performance and eco-friendliness. -responsibility. said Rajesh Pohani, vice president of portfolio and product management for PowerEdge, HPC and Core Compute at Dell Technologies.

More performance and storage options for the data centers of the future

This next generation Dell PowerEdge offers performance and storage optimizations while integrating into existing environments. These servers are particularly suitable for demanding computing needs, such as data analysis, AI, high performance computing (HPC) and virtualization.

Available in single-socket and dual-socket configurations, with support for 50% more processor cores than the previous generation.1 This new generation brings optimizations of 121% in performance, 33% in storage capacity more for 2U servers and 60% for 1U servers.4

• The PowerEdge R7625 – This 2-socket, 2U platform accelerates in-memory database access by more than 72%, outpacing all other SAP queries on previous generation 2- and 4-socket platforms.3

• The PowerEdge R7615 is a single-socket 2U server with faster memory and bandwidth than previous generations, optimized storage density and lower latency, designed to perform multiple tasks faster within a data center with a reduced footprint. This platform accelerates AI workloads according to an analysis of TPCx-AI scores.4

• The PowerEdge R6625 is a two-socket 1U server offering an optimal balance of performance, flexibility and density. The system is suitable for HPC workloads or running multiple instances of virtual desktop infrastructure.

• The PowerEdge R6615 is a one-socket, 1U server that offers greater virtual machine density than previous generations. Its compact design allows for increased computing power.

“With the launch of Dell PowerEdge servers, powered by 4th Gen AMD EPYC processors, we continue to set performance records while meeting the most stringent environmental goals and business demands of our mutual customers,” said Ram Peddibhotla, Head of EPYC Product Management at AMD.

For sustainable data centers!

Designed with durability in mind, these servers incorporate the latest version of Dell Smart Cooling technology, with optimized heat dissipation.

The new servers are also made with recycled plastic, furthering Dell’s commitment to achieve 50% of product content from recycled or renewable materials by 2030. 5

Additionally, the multipack option helps reduce the use of packaging materials when multiple servers are shipped at the same time, enabling greener shipping, resulting in up to 270% more efficient logistics and reduced 58% of packaging materials.

Modern, scalable and secure IT

Cybersecurity threats are evolving, as are the security features built into PowerEdge servers. Featuring Dell’s cyber-resilient architecture, the servers offer features such as system lockout, drift detection and strong authentication. Next-generation systems enable more secure and resilient operations for highly secure data centers.

With AMD Infinity Guard technology, next-generation PowerEdge servers enable the implementation of the “Security by Design” approach, thanks to this integrated security subsystem.

Coupled with Dell iDRAC, they record server hardware and firmware details at the time of manufacture. With Dell’s Secured Component Verification (SCV) supply chain assurance, organizations can verify that the PowerEdge server they receive has not been tampered with during shipment from the factory.

“Continued innovation in server performance is essential to ensure that enterprises have the tools required to cope with an increasingly data-centric world and real-time calculations,” said Kuba Stolarski , vice president of IDC’s Enterprise Infrastructure department. “With advanced security features built right into the platform, Dell’s new PowerEdge servers can help organizations keep pace with data proliferation in an environment characterized by growing threats. Performance improvements can enable enterprises to implement AI, HPC, and other modern workloads to unlock the maximum potential of their data and IT investments. »


• The Dell PowerEdge R7625 server will be available for select configurations from November 2022. The full catalog of next-generation servers is expected to be available from February 2023.

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1 Based on Dell analysis of SPECFPRate score of 1410 achieved by a Dell PowerEdge R7625 with AMD EPYC 9654 processors, compared to previous score of 636 achieved by a Dell PowerEdge R7525 with AMD EPYC 7763 processors as of 3/11/2022 . Performance may vary.

2 Based on Dell analysis of SPECFPRate score of 1410 achieved by a Dell PowerEdge R7625 with AMD EPYC 9654 processors, compared to previous score of 636 achieved by a Dell PowerEdge R7525 with AMD EPYC 7763 processors as of 3/11/2022 . Performance may vary. Storage capacity based on Dell’s internal analysis of available front drive slots, increasing from a maximum of 24 drives in previous generation configurations to 32 E3.S drives as a configuration option in latest generation 2U platforms and 10 to 16 drives for 1U platforms. The storage available will depend on the configuration and the disks chosen.

3 Based on Dell’s analysis of submitted world record score of 148,000 benchmark users on the Dell PowerEdge R7625 compared to previous world record score of 86,000 benchmark users for the PowerEdge R7525 recorded on the SAP-SD page as of 3/11 /2022. Actual results may vary.

4 Based on Dell’s analysis of TPCx-AI scores submitted for scale factors 3 and 10 as of 10/11/2022. Performance may vary.

5 Based on Dell internal calculations using a SPECFPRate score of 1410 achieved on a Dell PowerEdge R7625 and a cTDP of 400W with AMD EPYC 9654 processors (96 cores), compared to a score of 636 and a cTDP of 280W on a Dell PowerEdge R7525 with AMD EPYC 7763 processors (64 cores). Performance may vary.

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