destinies that intersect in “The Silence of the Pines”

The Leyre continues to flow and conceals some secrets. The expressway, then the A63 gutted the village. Formerly, there was a meeting place for the regulars of the town, but also for the convicts of the RN 10 who retyped there in their long crossing towards Spain or Portugal: the Auberge de la Crabette . The author makes it an essential place in the life of the two central individuals of his work. Opportunity to draw psychological portraits, to remember that a village bistro can be a haven of humanity but also of deep hatreds behind the bluster.

A changing world

Sometimes a novelist or short story writer takes care to change a name, rename a place, or make up certain characters. Here, Philippe Lescarret evokes frankly but with tenderness a mechanic, an old forester and his wife haunted by a tragedy. A small society in which the horizon of some is limited to the Sunday hunting or fishing trip. There is even a clear-sighted and zealous follower of another forestry…

Beyond the 40 brief chapters, specifying by touches the decor and the atmosphere which grow heavy over the pages and raise the reader’s expectations each time, the author makes it clear that the world is changing, that mores seem a priori more free and that the younger generations no longer necessarily see things from the same angle. This “Landes” novel is perhaps the beginning of a new vein that Philippe Lescarret will certainly continue to exploit.

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