did you recognize this former James Bond in the Netflix series?

In new episodes of The Crownposted on Netflix on November 9, subscribers were able to discover a former interpreter of James Bond in the shoes of the former lover of Princess Margaret.

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Almost two years after the release of the fourth season, The Crown has finally made a comeback on netflix with new episodes who caused controversy in the UK. It must be said that part of the season focuses on the marital troubles of Charles and Diana, as well asto the war they waged through the media. in addition of the love triangle between Camilla, Charles and Dianathe Netflix series also looked at Princess Margaret, who found herself facing a ghost from her past, played on screen by a former James Bond.

Timothy Dalton brilliantly embodies Peter Townsend in season 5 of The Crown

In the first season of The CrownNetflix subscribers attended the budding romance between Princess Margaret and British pilot Peter Townsend. Madly in love with each other, the two lovers planned to get married. But they were quickly held back by Queen Elizabeth II, played by the actress Claire Foy. She had forbidden her little sister to marry her since this hero of the Second World War had divorced his wife Cecil Rosemary Pawle in 1952. The Anglican Church did not allow the remarriage of a divorced person at the time. . But after losing sight of each other, the former lovers reunited for an episode of the fifth season of The Crown. If Ben Miles had lent his features to the British pilot in season 1, the production called upon Timothy Dalton to embody its older version in new episodes uploaded to Netflix. The former James Bond replied to Lesley Manville, who has also been full of praise for his partner. “Timothy plays Peter Townsend, the man who was supposed to marry Princess Margaret when they were younger“, she entrusted to the american media EW. “He came back into her life when they were around the age we have in episode 4, but obviously that was dramatized for the purposes of the show. Timothy Dalton was a very good casting choice. He’s still got this dashing beauty, and it was really, really great to do those scenes together..”

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Timothy Dalton cast in new spin-off Yellowstone

After a stealthy appearance in season 5 of The Crown, Timothy Dalton has joined the cast of 1923. The next spin-off from Yellowstone will introduce a new generation of the Dutton family and will be set in the early 20th century, as pandemics, historic drought, the end of Prohibition and the Great Depression affected mountain people, including the Dutton clan. The former James Bond will play Donald Whitfield, a powerful and confident man who is used to getting what he wants. The 76-year-old actor will play opposite Harrison Ford and Helen Mirrenwho will lend their features to Jacob Dutton and Cara Dutton.

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