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The Moroccan national football team came out in the semi-finals, during the last stages of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. It’s an open secret.

The African continent, a fervent supporter of the “Lions of the Atlas”, let its jubilation and emotion burst forth.
Never before have we had the chance to see an African Nation reach this stage of the competition.

Morocco thwarted the forecasts, stood up to the favorites and hit the headlines. This feat, as some might imply, is by no means the result of chance.

The country pursues a policy of promotion of sport in general as well as a policy of encouragement of football in particular (under the instigation of King Mohammed VI).

Several decisions taken a few months before the start of the World Cup, such as the dismissal of coach Wahid Halilozic, then the appointment of a Moroccan coach, Walid Regragui in this case, were decried by some press, believing that the latter did not correspond to the adequate profile.

His performance, however, is a feat.

Asked several times during press conferences about his achievements, he simply asked his players and the Moroccan people, a football-hungry people, to be in good faith: “Dirou niya”, “Dirou Niya”, he hammered. In colloquial Moroccan, this means “let us be in good faith”.

The “niya” is an ethic of the believer who, by doing his best, submits himself completely to the divine will, seeks his assistance and hopes for the best.

The expression “Dirou Niya” has become the rhetoric of an entire people, who have welcomed their selection, their heroes, as they should.

This achievement deserves reflection: According to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, the latter has 78% of the world’s diamond reserves, 30% of oil reserves…

Moreover, our students are in no way deserving: In 2022, of the 45 students who passed the entrance exam to the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, 33 were Moroccan.

Africans are polyglots, eager to know.

Our customs, despite the barriers, come together and resemble each other.

In my capacity as president of the organization “Touche Pas A Mon Enfant”, I receive several proposals for partnerships and projects to be developed jointly with African partners concerning issues relating to illegal immigration, rural exodus, dropping out of school, physical and sexual violence against minors….

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