Discolored eyebrows: big trend 2023!

Eyebrows in 2023 are still under attack! Indeed, a trend has appeared this year, it is discolored eyebrows. Focus on this fashion phenomenon.

Trend that has been validated en masse by stars and Instagramers:

Formerly reserved for the haute couture fashion show, it was finally Madonna who launched the trend this summer. The Madonna had posted photos of her on her Instagram account with white hair and bleached eyebrows. A trend that has since been largely taken up. This edgy look has been adopted and validated by many popular models as well as Instagrammers. It must be said that discolored eyebrows allow you to open your eyes and play even more with the color gradients on the eyes.

Instructions for bleaching your eyebrows:

To recreate the trend at home, you can bet on bleach for your eyebrows using hydrogen peroxide for example. On the other hand, if you want an ephemeral effect, you can bet on the concealer of the color of your skin or a little lighter to accentuate the bleached effect. Using a brush covered with concealer, brush the hairs of your eyebrows in the direction you want, then let dry. Feel free to repeat this step until you get the coverage you want.

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