Discord relies on a positive social network that allows you to give compliments

Will social networks become a “safe place”? It is in this sense that Discord seems to be heading. The platform, which has experienced renewed interest following the various bad buzz on Twitter, has just acquired Gasa social network popular with American teenagers.

The app, number one on the App Store in November 2022has reached 7.4 million downloads and generated nearly $7 million in spend since its launch in summer 2022, TechCrunch pointed out according to figures from Sensor Tower

The social network has quickly gained popularity with college and high school students since its objective is to allow them tosend compliments anonymously to their friends.

“Gas is about uplifting and strengthening each other through positive affirmations.”

“Its enormous success shows that it is possible to create a place playful but meaningful For the young”adds Discord in its communicated.

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