discover their new royal residence!

Kate Middleton and Prince William left their apartments Kensington to rest closer to nature in one of their large royal residence called the Adelaide Cottage. Find out what this building looks like rural and elegant.

Kate Middleton and Prince William: They are leaving London and itching for a new royal house

Kate Middleton and Prince William decided to change their lives London for country living in the famous Adelaide Cottage! The couple chose the historic residence of the family of the late Queen Elizabeth. the New York Post take inventory. A move which did not go unnoticed! Kate Middleton and Prince William have decided to leave their home in Kensington and move to the countryside. It is precisely to the south-east of Windsor Castle in the county of Berkshire in England that the big house is located.

Kate Middleton and Prince William: Adelaide Cottage a rural home

The Adelaide Cottagewas renovated in 2015 and it is not so luxurious than one might imagine. However, it is an area of ​​extraordinary proportions. Indeed, this rural residence consists of four large bedrooms. Some rooms are decorated with furniture of the former royal pavilion. Indeed, theAdelaide Cottage has been part of the heritage of the royal domain for nearly two centuries. The house was built in 1831 during the reign of William IV in honor of his wife, Queen Adelaide. It is in this historic place that Kate Middleton and Prince William chose to raise their three children.

Kate Middleton and Prince William: Adelaide Cottage to recharge your batteries away from London

The son of the princess diana and his wife, Kate Middletonwanted to live simply as close as possible to the nature. The royal couple will be able to take care of Charlotte, Georges and Louis far from the madness of London. In addition, the newlyweds have decided not to have any house staff, except perhaps… the nanny of their three toddlers!

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