Disney+ is preparing a documentary on the soundtrack of “Wakanda Forever”

The broadcaster’s doc formats linger behind the scenes of its blockbusters, but more rarely on their soundtrack.

Special effects, actor interviews, funny or touching anecdotes: film documentaries Marvel are often centered around the same subjects, as interesting as they are. And it’s usually to the detriment of a big forgotten big-budget film: their music. The soundtrack of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is particularly interesting to decipher, just like that of its predecessor. Also, Disney+ had the idea of ​​launching a new documentary series, called Voices Rising: The Music of Wakanda Forever. An original way to dive behind the scenes of the creation of Swedish composer Ludwig Göransson (Creed, tenet, Tea mandalorian). A creator as prolific as he is imaginative.

The Ba-ba of soundtracks

His complicity with director Ryan Coogler, with whom he has collaborated since the spin-off film of rocky, Creed (2015) is probably one of the drivers of this unsuspected narrative desire. By appropriating instruments from around the world, the challenge was for the musician to underline the cultural diversity of the film, using sounds that reinforce immersion. A titanic work that will lead composer and director to travel to four different cities, from Mexico City to Lagos via London and Los Angeles, to have hundreds of musicians play and record thousands of hours of sound. The huge success of Wakanda forever can also be explained by its soundtrack, especially in the moving trailer to Chadwick Boseman, tragically missing.

Music of our time

Coogler regrets the fact that this kind of soundtrack hardly exists any more in the world of cinema. However, the result perfectly accompanying the feature film was worth it, and certainly deserved so much effort. For Göransson, the mixture of these sometimes ancestral sounds gives a result which, far from being backward-looking, offers an almost futuristic vision of music. A hybridization that evokes the cultural diversity of the world and the best it can bring us. The first part of this documentary series will be broadcast on February 22, on Disney+.

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