Distinction: Attijariwafa bank “Top Employers 2023”

Following a complete audit structured around 6 areas, 20 themes and more than 400 HR practices, Attijariwafa bank obtained the Top Employers 2023 certification which allows it to join a prestigious group of organizations present in 123 countries in the world, the bank said in a statement. This consecration reinforces the group’s strategy in terms of HR strategy and positions its HR practices to the best international standards.

Indeed, Attijariwafa bank is strongly committed to the development of its employer brand with structuring initiatives intended to identify, attract, integrate and retain talent with an “employee” value proposition which considers Human Capital as the group’s primary asset. This strategy is backed up by a strong corporate culture, reinforced by values ​​shared by all of the group’s employees.

Attijariwafa bank relies on an HR policy that accompanies the implementation of its strategic plan, and this, by adapting to paradigm shifts that profoundly modify the design and organization of work. These HR practices are mainly based on the development of agility, change management with a strong culture of innovation, talent recruitment, HR digitalization, skills development, talent management, performance management , CSR, intercultural management and diversity…

This international certification reinforces the positioning of Attijariwafa bank as a leading Pan-African Group which works to release the energies of its Human Capital in order to make it a real lever for sustainable performance.

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