Do Not Open becomes OVRDARK on PSVR2!

Studio communications Nox Noctis Games is, to say the least, rather difficult to follow. the June 23, 2020, the studio was teasing the upcoming arrival of its Do Not Open game including PlayStation VR compatibility. We could see a PS4 box of the game emblazoned with the “ PlayStation VR mode included as well as the PSVR and PS4 Camera.

Then it was the turn of Perp games, the well-known publisher of physical editions, to announce a PS5 version of the game alongside a new DO NOT OPEN PS4 box with the logos “ PlayStation VR Required » this time… in November 2021.

the March 24, 2022a leaked photo informed us that Nox Noctis Games intended to port his Do Not Open game to both PS4, PS5, PSVR and PSVR2…

In October 2022the studio informed us that the PS4 PSVR version was canceled in favor of “a definitive VR version for the future PlayStation VR2 platform

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