“e-Fuel” at VW, Zevent 2022, “French SpaceX” and Sims 5

Contents this week: Oliver Blume, the new CEO of Volkswagen, is toying with the idea of ​​launching thermal vehicles running on a new “e-Fuel”, a synthetic fuel, back to Zevent 2022, but also HyPrSpace, the start- up from Bordeaux which could establish itself as the “French SpaceX” or even know everything about The Sims 5, the new opus which is to be announced in October 2022.

Why Volkswagen might move away from all-electric

Volkswagen ID3

Olivier Blume moves from the management of Porsche to that of the Volkswagen group. And with him, the new CEO could well sound a change of course on the electric, by introducing into the ranges a concept developed at Porsche: a new synthetic fuel, or e-Fuel in which the luxury manufacturer has invested heavily under the direction of Olivier Blume. This alternative fuel would be made using electricity from decarbonized energies. However, this new direction could come up against European transition objectives.

Relive Zevent 2022, minute by minute

ZEvent 2022 live

This year the Zevent 2022 raised more than 10 million euros – thanks to the competition of top streamers and streamers. This charity event organized within three days aims to raise funds for associations such as Sea Shepherd, LPO, WWF, Time For The Planet and The SeaCleaners. We invite you to relive the event minute by minute thanks to the live we had organized to cover this big weekend.

HyPrSpace, the French startup in the footsteps of SpaceX


HyPrSpace, a young startup from Bordeaux, will soon build its own rocket. The credo of this startup? Hybrid-powered minilaunchers: a type of launcher that is still not very popular but which could lower the cost of access to space if engineers succeed. To help them in their task, the entrepreneurs have teamed up with the Swiss company Beyond Gravity, which manufactures, among other things, elements of the Ariane 5 rocket.

Everything you need to know about The Sims 5 before its time

The Sims 5 know it all

We’ve known since 2020 that Electronic Arts is preparing the release of the Sims 5 game – but the final announcement is fast approaching. Indeed, the publisher should unveil the game during the month of October 2022. Read our complete file to know everything about the Sim 5the history of the franchise, and when the game should be released.

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