EA unveils a new system to deal with cheaters on PC

Electronic Arts will tackle cheaters in its games with a brand new anti-cheat system developed in-house by its engineers. Dubbed EA AntiCheat (EAAC), the company touts the technology as a “kernel-level anti-cheat and anti-tamper solution.”

Credit: EA

EA’s next installment of FIFA will feature a newly implemented anti-cheat system so players can only question their own skills after losing a game. Although it is the last FIFA title before the franchise was renamed EA Sports Club, the studio already wants to make sure PC gamers keep playinginstead of being discouraged by the endemic cheaters.

After Activision Blizzard last yearEA has just unveiled EA AntiCheat (EAAC), a new internally developed kernel-level anti-cheat system. It has been now several months that we knew that the publisher was going to unveil such technologyand we tell you everything you need to know about it.

EA wants to put an end to cheaters on PC

In its press release, EA explains that this new anti-cheat technology will be at the kernel level of your computer, as is also the case with the most recent cheat software on the market. ” PC cheat software developers have increasingly invested in the kernel, so we need to have kernel mode protections to ensure fair play and fight against PC cheat developers on an equal footing “.

The good news is that this EAAC anti-cheat system will also protect console gamers from malicious PC gamers. ” In addition to the EAAC which protects our PC players against cheaters notes EA, “ our console players who play against PC opponents will also be protected against cheaters operating on PC platforms “. If you didn’t know, FIFA 23 will be the first title in the franchise compatible with cross-play between PC, Xbox and PlayStation. The adoption of such an anti-cheat system was therefore essential so that the experience of all players would not be marred by cheaters.

Finally, do more to make your game healthier, the new system is also more respectful of your privacy. Previously, the company used third-party software, collecting some of your information, such as browser history. The company’s kernel-level solution does not need this information and therefore relieves users worried about their data. FIFA 23 will be the first to adopt it, but other games from the publisher will benefit from it in the future.

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