Economic crisis: managers often helpless in the face of thefts of basic necessities

Trays of meat emptied of their contents, boxes of chocolates hidden at the back of a shelf,… This is an observation made by certain supermarkets. With the crisis, thefts are on the increase, and above all, the stolen products are no longer – only – the classic bottles ofalcohol, razor blades or makeup products. More and more flights “to eat” for “end the month”are to be deplored: cheese, delicatessen, meat,… Sometimes, more expensive products such as salmon, foie gras, but not only. Thefts of washing powder and pasta have become more frequent. These thefts of products from first need would be on the increase in certain businesses. A phenomenon that reflects increasingly difficult month-ends for a growing part of the population. For the managers franchiseesfaced with the outbreak of energy and the increase in loads in general, these deadweight losses are added to the reduced margins, and represent a difficulty more to manage.

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