Education, the new El Dorado for start-ups

The Edtech market is buoyant for Moroccan start-ups. MOOCs, serious games, learning applications, the services offered by start-ups are numerous.

In recent years, the Edtech sector has experienced considerable growth since the health crisis made Edtech products and services part of the daily lives of more than 1.7 billion people around the world. This boom has accelerated the adoption of new uses and the deployment of new tools by 5 to 10 years. Analysts forecast an Edtech market of $500 billion in 2025 compared to $375 billion pre-Covid. A boon for entrepreneurs who want to get started in this field, including in Morocco. For Asmaa Fenniri, member of the Board of La French Tech Maroc, “the B2B sector is the segment most open to EdTechs. Employers are aware that it is imperative to upskill their employees in the behavioral and digital skills necessary to navigate in today’s professions”.
As well as the reasons for startuppers, taking advantage of this wave, are multiple. For Tariq Hanine, co-founder of IBDAA Science & Education, the idea of ​​embarking on…

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