Egypt: start of the 44th Cairo International Film Festival

The 44th edition of the Cairo International Film Festival kicked off on Sunday evening at the famous Opera House located in the Egyptian capital. The event is held this year in the midst of gloomy international news, which recognizes the actor Hussein Fahmy, president of the festival.

“There is a war in Europe and a very strong tension in East Asia with very difficult economic conditions, all this represents a very big challenge for us. We also have COP27 going on, and at the end of the festival there is the World Cup. Thank God, we are fighting“, explains the president of the jury.

Dozens of Egyptian and Arab celebrities will attend this annual meeting of the seventh art, one of the most famous in the region. Apart from the international competition, the festival, founded in 1976, also has a competition for Arab films.

“The industry in the whole Arab world is still in trouble, but Egypt is an exception, as is Tunisia, because some countries have more films than others, and so it is our role to make the voice heard. voices from all these countries, and do the maximum“, explains Lynda Belkhiria of Cairo Film Connection.

This important cinematographic event gives the opportunity to discover interesting productions of Arab cinema and, in particular, Egyptian.

“Please everyone come see this film starring Sherif El Kashef. It’s an incredible film, it’s about a trip on the Nile and in the United States with musicians. And this is really about the real connection between the United States and Egypt. I am extremely proud and delighted“, explains Lauren Lovelace of the American Embassy.

The event includes 97 films from more than 52 countries which can be seen by thousands of spectators. The president of this year’s international jury is Japanese director Naomi Kawase.

This 44th edition will run until November 22.

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