Eight nights at Chants d’Elles

The Chants d’Elles festival welcomes the Rouennais from Eight Nights for a concert at lunchtime, this Tuesday, November 15, 2018, at the Hôtel de Région. Two other meetings are scheduled in Rouen this week.

The 23rd edition of the festival of women’s voices got off to a flying start. Chants d’Elles follows its score until November 27 in Seine-Maritime and Eure. This week, three appointments await the Rouennais:

  • Eight nights – Tuesday, November 15 – 12 p.m. – Hôtel de Région (free)
  • Garance – Tuesday 15 November – 7 p.m. – Concerts at the Coloc (Quartier Croix de Pierre / €10)
  • Airelle Besson Quartet – Friday 18 November – 8 p.m. – Auditorium of the Conservatory (from 5 to 21.50€)

Focus on… Eight nights

They are from Rouen, they play in a trio after having started as a duo and are working on an album which should be released in the summer of 2023. Eight nights is poetry set to music, hovering over the spectators during concerts often laden with beauty.

Some songs to appear on the new disc will be played this Tuesday noon. It will have a different hue from “Between two worlds”, the group’s first effort, released in 2020. “It will be more energetic and more committed. We are coming out of our contemplative phase a little but we are keeping all our poetry”, warns Manon, cellist and singer within the trio.

It is as faithful of Chants d’Elles that Eight Nights advances this Tuesday noon at the Hôtel de Région. An unusual place and time? Not enough to disconcert the group, accustomed to leaving the agreed places and the boxes in which one would tend to want to store them. The appointment is made. The concert is free.

Useful information

Festival Chants d’Elles

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