Elden Ring is getting its own board game

On the strength of a success that will mark the year 2022 in the video game industry, Elden Ring is already beginning to spread its wings over other sectors. We could see it with the arrival of a manga with a humorous tonea rather unexpected project, and we can see today that other companies have more ideas since a board game Elden Ring is currently being designed, ready to be funded through Kickstarter.

The Entre-Terra like a board game, it’s coming soon

This board game is in preparation on the side of home Steamforged Games, who is no stranger to board games adapted from popular games. We owe them in particular the board games Horizon Zero Dawn, Monster Hunter Worldor even Dark Soulswhich is to say that the subject seems to be mastered within the team.

We are promised here a playable game solo or up to 4 people, where we will embody Shatterless who will again have to fight now cult bosses of the From Software game, like Godrick or Margit (of which we can see a first figurine). Battles will be determined by dice rolls, and will also require strategy.

The Kickstarter for the project has not yet been launched, but it should open soon. There is no doubt that with the enthusiasm around the license, it should manage to be financed without too many problems.

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