Elgato launches Stream Deck +, its touch interface with infinite possibilities

Elgato completely revamps its famous Stream Deck by offering it a makeover and even more advanced customization options.

Elgato, the division of Corsair dedicated to streaming hardware, yesterday released the new version of its dashboard Stream Deck. Baptized Stream Deck +, it notably provides a touch strip to switch from one configuration to another, thereby resulting in a multiplication of possibilities.

A redesigned design

Just look at the official images of this new Stream Deck: yes, Elgato gave it a good facelift, and even more. The control panel and its 140 x 138 x 110 mm has only eight customizable LCD keys. But the device now has a touch strip showing four options and four rotary knobs, also multifunction. By combining everything, this new generation Stream Deck allows in-depth control of many products, whether for activities related to video game streaming or, for example, for video editing.

Potentiometers offer more control for light, camera zooms or volume. The touch strip offers live information (sound level, etc.) but also presents itself as another control interface. By sliding the finger on one side on the strip, the user can switch from one configuration to another. If he was in display control mode, he can switch to controlling his camera or his web window. If everything has been properly configured on Elgato’s in-house software, the LCD button displays will also change depending on the modes.

Over 200 plugins

As usual, this Stream Deck + is fully integrated into the entire Elgato ecosystem, which is getting denser every year. It makes it easy to control brand lights or webcams, such as the Facecam Pro just arrived on the market. It connects via USB-C to USB-A on a computer and has direct access to a large library of royalty-free sounds and music.

You will have to save a little to afford the device, this one being sold at 229.99 €, a little cheaper however than the Stream Deck XL and its 32 keys. Elgato is still the leader in streaming hardware, but other brands in the sector are also trying to position themselves by even launching complete dedicated ranges.

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