Embers Adrift – A weekend to discover the MMORPG Embers Adrift for free – with its community

From January 27 to 29, Embers Adrift will be revealed for free for a weekend of discovery. The Stormhaven studio also intends to mobilize MMORPG veterans so that they welcome and accompany curious visitors.


On October 15, the independent studio Stormhaven launched the commercial version of its MMORPGs Embers Adrift – the game finds its inspiration in the classics of the genre and is based on a subscription model. Since then, Embers Adrift has been regularly patched and updated, and to allow the curious to (re)discover the current version of the MMORPG for free, Stormhaven is preparing a first weekend of discovery.

The curious can therefore access game servers for free during the weekend from Friday January 27 at midnight to Sunday January 29 at 11:59 p.m. CDT – in mainland France, the servers will open on Friday January 27 at 7 a.m. and will close on Monday at the same time. Quite classically, according to the developer, this weekend should therefore allow new players to discover Embers Adrift without having to subscribe to the subscription and old players to have an overview of the latest updates or to check if its configuration is sufficient to make operate the game before possibly investing in it for the long term.

Involve veterans to support newcomers

If such weekends of discovery are frequent in the MMORPG industry, Stormhaven adds a rather welcome community dimension. Embers Adrift is based on a gameplay which gives pride of place to groups and interactions. Consequently, the developer also invites MMORPG subscribers to mobilize during this weekend, to support newcomers and become ambassadors of Embers Adrift: the developer encourages veterans to prepare potions and equipment that could be given to newcomers , to be vigilant about the questions asked on the chat to answer them or to invite new players to their group, to help them better discover the mechanics of Embers Adrift.

Let’s bet Embers Adrift veterans will play the game – immersing yourself in a community is probably the best way to experience an MMORPG. Note that for those curious to discover the game, but reluctant to connect in-gameof the streams will also be organized throughout the weekend. The details of the animations are available on the official forum.


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