Emirati Company Offers To Pay Extra To Have No One Seated Next To You

Emirati airline Etihad is offering travelers to pay a “no neighbor” supplement to ensure no one is seated next to them on the plane.

This option aims to considerably improve the quality of flight for travelers who will be able to take advantage of a large space as they wish.

When booking the ticket, if the flight is not yet full, passengers can go to the “without neighbor” tab and pay a supplement ranging from a few dollars to several tens of dollars.

About 30 hours before the flight, people will receive a confirmation email assuring them that the seat next to them will be free for the duration of the flight. If during the 30 hours before departure the rest of the tickets are sold, passengers who bought “the seat next to them” will be refunded.

These methods could in the future be extended to other companies to make travel more pleasant.

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