Energy tariffs: “Signing this contract amounts to signing our death warrant” – 11/16/2022 at 08:56

The situation is serious. After months of rising gas and electricity costs, business owners, whether small, medium or mid-sized, find themselves distraught and at a loss as to how to cope. Restructuring cases are piling up and the number of bankruptcies is on the rise.


went to meet these entrepreneurs confronted with energy prices which are multiplied by ten, by twenty, sometimes by fifty, and who are looking for solutions to save their business. All sectors are concerned, agri-food, metallurgy, chemicals, etc. Testimonials.

Laurent Vronski is managing director of Ervor, an industrial SME based in Argenteuil which employs 50 people and manufactures air compressors. He is also secretary general of the association of entrepreneurs Croissance Plus. He does not hide his concern for the future.

“We are manufacturers, our factory is in Argenteuil and we are the last French manufacturer of air compressors. It is an essential part, used to purify water, operate a tramway or a nuclear power plant… It is a high value-added product, 90% of which we export outside of France. Ervor, a company created in 1945, which I took over in 1993, is the Hermès of compressors. Today, our company faces challenges without



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