Evga and Nvidia, it’s over, the terms of the partnership being untenable

Since its birth almost a quarter of a century ago, Evga has offered graphics cards equipped with Nvidia GPUs. It started with the Riva TNT2 and will end with the GeForce RTX 30, Evga having confirmed that there will be no GeForce RTX 40 in its catalog.

Andrew Han, its CEO, complained to Gamer Nexus about Nvidia’s lack of visibility and communication about this latest graphics card. The manager evokes a decision of principle more than of a financial nature, knowing that Nvidia offers less and less margin to its partners, while new competition appears with the Founders Edition models.

GPU, 80% of Evga’s revenue

This decision will not be without consequences for Evga, which began its diversification a few years ago. The manufacturer has extended its catalog to motherboards, power supplies and peripherals, in particular with Nvidia Reflex certified mice. However, graphics card sales still represent almost 80% of Evga’s turnover, which will therefore have to do without this income once its stock of GeForce RTX 30 runs out. Andrew Han also ruled out a possible partnership with AMD or Intel to continue selling graphics cards.

For its part, Nvidia is losing a partner of choice (and so far loyal), whether in terms of graphics cards, but also during its foray into motherboards with the NForce chipset or into the world of tablets with the Tegra. 7, sold in particular by Evga and other partners. Evga would currently have a 40% market share in the United States on GeForces. Nvidia, for its part, welcomed the years of collaboration with Evga and wished the best for the rest of its adventure.

Customers are not left behind since Evga will finish selling its stock of GeForce RTX 30, while providing after-sales service on the models already sold.

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