EVGA cuts the cord with NVIDIA

As said before, EVGA intends not only to cut the cord with NVIDIA, but also with the manufacture of graphics cards. However, the American company wants to reassure its customers: the guarantees on the products already sold and their support will be respected and maintained. The RTX 30XXs still in reserve will also be sold by the end of the year.

The historical manufacturer will therefore miss the mark of the RTX 40XX, whose presentation will take place next Tuesday during the conference “ GeForce Beyond “. This even though the brand has already developed several prototypes while waiting for NVIDIA to share valuable information with it to finalize them.

But as EVGA suddenly loses about 80% of its revenue, what will become of the company and its employees? Andrew Han ensures that, initially, they will retain their positions. Except that such a colossal loss of activity can only mean one thing: mass layoffs are likely to take place sooner or later.

EVGA’s CEO, however, insists he won’t sell the company, which will continue to operate in the hardware business. The latter had already diversified by manufacturing motherboards for AMD and Intel, as well as power supplies and peripherals. However, for the time being, there is no question for EVGA to change creamery and approach AMD or Intel in the field of graphics cards.

Be that as it may, this market is losing one of its major players. Will this be a first kick in the anthill, motivating other manufacturers to shun NVIDIA, or have the completely opposite effect of vultures feeding on a still hot and juicy carcass? The mystery of the whole affair remains intact for the moment.

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