exclusive distribution agreement with Gertrude in Israel and Brazil

Geci International signs an exclusive distribution agreement in Israel and Brazil with the company Gertrude SAEM specializing in the field of ITS (Intelligent Transportation System). This exclusive agreement between the two companies provides for the distribution by the subsidiaries of Geci International in Israel and Brazil of the Gertrude ITS software, developed by the company Gertrude SAEM.

This intelligent traffic control system optimizes the flow of public and private vehicles, reduces pollution and improves the safety of urban and metropolitan roads. Founded in 1981, Gertrude SAEM is an internationally recognized French company. With more than 40 years of experience in the field of ITS, its real-time intelligent traffic control system meets the key challenges of today’s over-congested cities and towns and the needs of “smart towns”. Gertrude SAEM has a know-how appreciated by clients and has prestigious references in France and abroad: Algeria, Argentina, China, France, Morocco, Mexico, Poland, Portugal.

Gertrude SAEM and GECI International thus continue a relationship that began in 2019. It has led to growing interest from transport management bodies in Israel and the recent selection of Gertrude ITS for an international call for tenders led by one of the main companies planning and executing infrastructure and transport projects in the country, also manager of roads and highways in the central region. This new partnership contributes to enriching GECI International’s technological portfolio and enables it to penetrate the smart city market, a very significant market on an international scale in which its experience and know-how, technological and digital, should make it possible to promote the expansion of Gertrude ITS solutions. In addition to Israel, where partnership missions are set up with Israeli companies in order to form competitive response consortia, this agreement will also be the means for GECI International to launch its smart city activity on the Brazilian market through a offer with great potential.

In a context of intense revival and metamorphosis of the group, this new development in the field of the smart city illustrates the relevance of its innovation strategy, combining technology and digital, to support the redeployment of the company on markets with high potential: telecommunications, transport, renewable energies, financial IT and smart city.

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