“Existing”: The Soft Moon or liberation through industry

The fifth album from an industrial postpunk project that values ​​honesty as much as brutality.​​​​​​

“I feel sick everyday.” With these words, Luis Vazquez invites us to enter To exist, his fifth LP released under the alias of The Soft Moon. Far from wallowing in abstruse self-pity, this new dive into darkness gracefully combines dark music, personal demons and sonic power.

The project’s formula has remained the same since its debut in 2010, ie epic industrial music nourished by synthetic post-punk and tinged with noise experimentation. After a record under his name composed of imaginary soundtracks released in 2021, Luis Vasquez takes The Soft Moon to another milestone, both in terms of writing and production.

Throbbing or technoid

Become The Lies, which crosses the shadows of Depeche Mode and Ministry, reminds us that the American knows how to write hits when the nagging nada or the technoid The Pit offer some proof of his talent for hypnotizing atmospheres. Still, this record’s greatest quality is probably its brutal honesty.

Often out of breath, Luis Vazquez reveals himself there, between family traumas and a quest for reconstruction. To exist, the final track is thus an ideal and luminous epilogue, summarizing in a few shoegaze fragments the raison d’être of this new album: a certain form of inspiring liberation.

To exist (Sacred Bones Records/Modulor). Released since September 23. On French tour and concert on October 29 in Paris (Trabendo).

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