Facial yoga: the best natural anti-aging solution

Facial gymnastics is effective gentle gymnastics used to strengthen the muscles that support our face, and thus fight against sagging skin. Concretely, it is a mix between facial yoga, self-massage and digitopuncture which is based on the same principles as traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture but using finger pressure.

How to tone the other parts of our face?

Combined with a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and good hydration, facial gymnastics comes in different exercises targeting different areas:

photo creditLamia Lahbabi

For plump lips. Close your mouth and make mini-pinches on your lips starting from the center towards the corner. Repeat the exercise for two minutes. (see picture)

photo creditLamia Lahbabi

To tone the cheekbones: Smile by slightly pursing your lips (mouth closed). Then place your fingers at the corners of the lips and press this area to create a push up effect. at the level of your cheekbones. This exercise will also work on your crow’s feet which will fade over time. (see picture)

To reduce crow’s feet: Gently but dynamically pinch this area several times, from bottom to top. And then stretch the area with the 2 fingers (see picture)

To relax frown lines: With one hand, stretch the eyebrows. With the other, rub lightly but in a tonic way, with index and middle finger, this part. Repeat this gesture for 2 minutes.

-To redraw the oval of the face : Place both closed fists under the chin. Open your mouth and push your lower jaw down while maintaining strong resistance. Hold this position for a few seconds. Be careful not to “show” your lower teeth so as not to accentuate the wrinkles of the puppet -the chin is an over-stressed area, it must be relaxed as much as possible- The more you accentuate the opposition movement, the more the movement will be effective (the double chin will disappear). This exercise is very popular with men who, at a certain age, have a double chin.

Are there any contraindications?

There are two contraindications: people who have done Botox, you have to wait two weeks after the injection; and people who had a facelift, 6 months after the procedure.

What are the short, medium and long term results?

After a facial gymnastics session, your face has a more glowing complexion for four days. After a month, your face changes. It begins to restructure. In the long term, the wrinkles fade, giving you a few years less.

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