Fakir du Ranch gives the cover

Recent winner of a great test for apprentices for his return to Vincennes with Théo Briand, at the expense of Gamay of Itonwhich has just won the GNT stage at Mauquenchy, Ranch Fakir will try to double the bet in the fifth Prix Daniel Miette (2,700 m. GP). The one who is nowthe team’s new spearhead” by Yannick-Alain Briand seems quite capable of it.

Watch out for females

The opposition will be mainly made up of females Bais Emeraldremaining on a very authoritative success, on shorter, and Eileen, probably prepared for this engagement on her preferred distance. Attention also to the representative of Franck Marty, Fakir Deservednoticed recently by its fine finish at Bouscat.

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