Fez: The UEMF inaugurates its cycle of international conferences

Kick-off this Friday of the cycle of international conferences organized by the Euromed University of Fez (UEMF).

“It’s a new academic year which will be rich in academic and scientific activities”, immediately underlines Pr Mostapha Bousmina, president of the UEMF. Moreover, the meeting of this September 16, 2022 addresses the theme of “the science-policy interface in the Euromed region”. It is initiated in partnership with the Euromed University of Slovenia and the Union for the Mediterranean (UPM), and is held in the presence of senior African and Euro-Mediterranean officials.

Indeed, far from being independent of each other, science and politics are intersecting fields that influence each other in the decision-making process.

Moreover, this interaction is essential in the face of the complex political challenges of our time (climate change, pandemic, demography, changing global markets, digitalization and urbanization). Science can inform and improve policies with evidence, but to provide quality and relevant advice, it must identify needs and the underlying processes and actors. Science-policy interfaces refer to a set of formal and informal institutions and processes allowing the exchange and co-construction of knowledge. Their conjunction varies and there is no ideal model for their design. “The effectiveness of science-policy dialogue depends on the alignment of a number of institutional and socio-cultural factors (which are often locally specific) with the universal principles of scientific integrity, interdisciplinarity and early engagement “, say the organizers.

For them, “the conference held at the UEMF aims to stimulate the Euro-Mediterranean regional movement by highlighting the importance of science-policy dialogue and advice, sharing knowledge on the requirements and challenges of the science-policy interface policy, mapping ecosystems in various countries and regionally, and nurturing the stakeholder community. The outcomes of the event will feed into regional cooperation and integration processes”.

Note that participants are invited to play an active role in the round tables. The latter were amazed by the UEMF campus which extends over 40ha as well as the level of equipment of the first Moroccan university according to several world rankings.



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