FIFA fan zones are the talk of the town

Qatar is scrutinized by all the curious eyes of its guests. Since the arrival of the first supporters, observers and journalists, articles and posts on social networks have followed one another to testify to the current atmosphere and the level of organization offered by the host country of the World Cup. The English media in particular are having a field day. Yesterday, we came back to the story of the true-false supporters. Today, it is the turn of the fan zones to be analyzed closely.

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the Daily Telegraph had noted, upon the arrival of his reporters, the few delays in lighting the works. FIFA has planned an official fan zone, aptly named Fifa Fan Festival, at Al Bidda Park on the city’s Corniche highway. Originally created to be free gathering spaces to attend major sporting events, they have now been transformed into a “festival”, which justifies, as you will have understood, an access price for those wishing to benefit from a minimum of comfort.

The premium plan costs 1,100 euros

The most expensive package sold by FIFA is called “legacy lounge plus” and costs 1,100 euros. As reported by the Daily Telegraphhe proposes “gourmet food, booze and “panoramic views” of the festival itself. (…) This premium package, which is only valid for one day, also includes a ticket to attend a match in a stadium. There are cheaper offers, from £378 per person (430 euros, editor’s note), which are simply hospitality packages for watching matches at fan festivals. These offer the use of private sports bars built at the festival and not accessible to non-paying fans”.

The Fifa fan festival will open its doors on November 19, the day before the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador. For fans who are concerned, beer will be allowed from around 6:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. closing time. But the issue of heat remains fundamental, even though it’s winter in Qatar. FIFA’s response, via Gerdine Lindhout, FIFA Marketing and Promotions Manager: “It’s really hot but there are enough shaded areas and we have enough refreshing drinks, so I don’t see a problem there. People should use their logical mind and dress accordingly. Wear your shorts, wear something light and drink cold drinks. » Common sense then.

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