Football Champions League – LdC: The final soon to be played in the United States?

UEFA is always keen to breathe new life into its finest competition, the Champions League. New formats, new frames too. The final could quickly be played outside Europe, and more precisely in the United States.

The FIFA-UEFA war could go to a higher level. The world body can boast of having in its lap the most famous competition in the world, the World Cup. However, his European counterpart surely enjoys the most select tournament with the Champions League. Select and of a very high level, to the point of often competing with the World Cup in the eyes of fans spread across the five continents. But, the C1 remains a European affair with teams from the old continent, mainly European players and matches played exclusively in the stadiums of European countries. Perhaps a brake on better expansion.

The C1 final in the United States from 2026?

One last point which is not just a detail in the eyes of UEFA. To further increase the visibility and worldwide popularity of the C1, we must leave Europe. Maybe not for the group matches but the final is clearly in the sights in the short term. According to the Spanish newspaper AS, the idea of ​​relocating the final is gaining more and more weight. The preferred country to host the outcome of the European season would be the United States.

The country of Uncle Sam is a promising and growing market for football. Americans are more and more passionate about football, as evidenced by the latest C1 TV rights. These were sold for $1.5 billion to CBS, Viacom and Paramount for the period 2024-2030. However, a final would not take place on American soil until 2026. Until then, the Champions League final must be organized in Istanbul this season and then in Wembley and Munich.

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