Football: the DTN will support clubs and leagues

The National Technical Department (DTN) intends to support clubs and leagues to further develop football. It began, Tuesday in Casablanca, a technical and educational support action for clubs and regional leagues. The initiative, which was launched in the Grand Casablanca League from January 24 to 26, will provide leagues and clubs with technical support to promote and develop national football, highlighting the major lines of action of the DTN.

“We want to show that we are here to help. We want to share our philosophy and discuss with the technical staff of the clubs to see how they think and how we can help them.said Mr. Van Puyvelde in a statement to M24. “We want as DTN to work in the clubs, in the regions and in the leagues, because we want to integrate them into the development of football in Morocco”said the Belgian.

“In a first phase, we will establish the basics and the constants then adapt the technical policy of the DTN according to the specificities of the style of play of each club. In a second phase, two national coaches will be appointed in each league to monitor the project throughout the season., underlined Fathi Jamal, responsible for training at the DTN. According to the manager, “there will be a tour of the performance cell including specialists in medicine, physical preparation and video analysis, who will help and accompany the clubs with the aim of developing the game and the methodology. work within clubs.


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